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In Liberia
Our current primary mission in Liberia is EDUCATION, ADVOCACY, REHABILITATION and HUMANITARIAN services, to buttress the Government of Liberia's Agenda for the betterment of Liberia and its people. In addition, we promote health and wellness education about tropical and non-tropical diseases, health & wellness of "at-risk" children, physically and mentally challenged and those with other special needs. We also promote proper sanitation techniques, and the skills to involve local people in community building projects and business development. ACOH also intends to provide in-service training (in academic, vocational and religious/Biblical teachings for school teachers and pastors); engage in planting and maintaining healthy churches; we engage in public education and awareness via radio broadcasting, social media; we engage in providing basic needs, such as food, clothing and footwear to the neediest people.

The broad objective for Abehinnyuen Community of Hope is to buttress the existing educational structures in Liberia by providing life-changing education (academic and vocational studies) to prepare students in their professions and callings (ministries) for services in the communities of their County, Liberia and beyond, regardless of gender, social status and religious affiliations. This will also contribute to efforts of government by utilizing sustainable Christian-based learning and capacity building processes to equip the next generation of Liberians to transform their lives and the lives of others.

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In the United States of America

Is to share the GOSPEL of LOVE through IMMIGRATION assistance and LINGUISTIC – Community interpreting (translation & interpretation) services, and to provide AWARENESS in tropical and non-tropical diseases to hospitals and healthcare agencies in the US in Bassa, other Liberian and African Languages. We also train other nationalities to become interpreters to help facilitate community services.

We make available information, referrals to resources and to teach skills and promote cross- cultural understanding to enable the vulnerable immigrants, as well as other vulnerable people become independent, contributing members of the community and society. We do advocacy to help give hope and improve the livelihood of vulnerable people.


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