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Hope FM 


The Radio Station


The radio ministry, since it takes more than five hours of walking to travel among the villages, the radio station will be very effective in spreading and equipping the Kingdom of God and providing valuable information and awareness to the villagers.

Projected Result

The full implementation of this program will reveal a community of changed, well informed and responsible people who will live a better lifestyle by transforming their communities as well. In this light, we will experience a reduced iliteracy, poor health conditions, crime and violent environment, thereby increasing the chances for the people to prioritize safety, good health and education.

Target Population

This program is mainly intended for the general population.

Hope FM​

Hope FM is currently down, due to lack of studio equipments. The portable CD/cassette player we were using as transmitter was damaged by the 12 volts battery donated to the station.



Our Media & Broadcasting Club 

(Basic Journalism)

Is to share the GOSPEL of LOVE through providing 

A Christian based radio ministry that would train journalists to tell the TRUTH from God's perspective in their career.

The purpose of the radio station is to:

  1. Take Christianity in the cities and villages for teaching and defending the Word of God.

  2. To broadcast programs for post-civil war reconciliation through Biblical principles

  3. Train pastors and others who neither understand English nor read and write English or have biblical education of any type.

  4. General education and information, such as academic & vocational education by radio, health awareness and civic engagement.

  5. Train youth in broadcasting and journalism with Christian principles.


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