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Elderly (senior citizens)Program

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The vulnerable Senior Citizens (elderly folks) program is aimed at endeavoring to make sure vulnerable elderly/old folks are loved and cared for, and to prevent them the many abuses, including calling them names (“witches”, "witchcraft"), especially those who suffer from Alzheimer’s,  Parkinson's and dementia diseases. These diseases are foreign to the Liberians!

Our program is to assist with medical screening and awareness in:

  • High/low blood pressure, diabetes, malaria, typhoid fever, dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's

  • De-traumatization

  • Assist with Homecare supports

  • Assist with food and clothing.​


Projected Result

The full implementation of this program will reveal a community of changed and responsible old folks/senior citizens who will live a more like accurate lifestyle by transforming their communities as well. In this light, we will experience a reduced diseases, abuse & abandonment and death among our aged vulnerable population.

Target Population

This program is mainly intended for vulnerable old people between the ages of 65 through 100+.

We use folktales, recreations, feeding, medical screenings and self-esteem as a medium to rehabilitate the vulnerable old people. Together, we can give hope for a better future for our vulnerable old folks/senior citizens.

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