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Education & Capacity-building Program

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Education​ Program

Our broad objective for the Community of Hope Academy Mission is to buttress the existing educational structures in Liberia by providing life-changing education (academic and vocational studies) to prepare students in their professions and callings (ministries) for services in their communities in the North-Eastern Rivercess County, Liberia and beyond, regardless of gender, social status and religion.


It will also contribute to efforts of government by utilizing sustainable Christian-based learning and capacity building process of the next generation of people ready to transform their lives and those of others.


We build and operate school(s) to provide education to buttress the existing educational structures in Liberia by establishing quality Christian-based academic and vocational institutions that enable and assist students to interpret social and human relationships and leadership in the light of the teachings of the WORD OF GOD.

Categories of we provide:  

  • Academic

  • Vocational (Arts, agriculture, health science/nursing & basic journalism)

  • Adult Literacy Program - The Adult Literacy Program (ALP) targets both males and females with no reading and writing skills (NRWS) and people with limited reading and writing skills (LRWS). The purpose is to prepare students how to recognize numbers, read and write English, Bassa and phonetic Liberian Languages, and to enhance small business management skills.  Such program also enables non-English speaking pastors and teachers to be effective in their church ministries.

  • Sanitation & health awareness

  •  Business & economic empowerment

  • Capacity-building & Leadership

We train teachers and provide in-service teacher-training to upgrade existing teachers. Identifying and equipping potential leaders of any discipline (civil, religious, scientific, business) is part of our educational program

Below are some of our primary goals under this initiative:


  1. We build/operate school(s) to bridge existing educational gaps in Liberia by establishing quality Christian-based academic and vocational institutions.

  2. We build teachers capacity by proving in-service training

  3. ​We provide in-service training to pastors and Church workers to become authentic in their witness and services to God’s people.

  4. We engage in train-to-train-to-serve (IN-SERVICE TRAINING) in religious and academic settings.



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