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About Us


Abehinnyuen Community of Hope (ACOH), Inc. shares the gospel of love to under privileged/vulnerable communities in Africa and the United States by providing Immigration assistance, languish assistance (interpretations & translations), advocacies, medical assistance and health awareness in tropical and non-tropical diseases to individual(s), healthcare agencies and institutions. We provide academic and vocational education ( agriculture, basic nursing, basic journalism, health & wellness, sanitation, rehabilitation, advocacy and humanitarian services, that will enable vulnerable people to attain their fullest potential and become responsible, engaged citizens and leaders of their communities and societies.​ We make available community services information, referrals to resources, skills-related education and promote cross- cultural understanding to enable the vulnerable immigrants, as well as other vulnerable people become independent, contributing members of the community and society. 

Our Story

In 2009, after residing in the United States for over 20 years and my wife Lucky for over 9 years, we made our first visit to our home country of Liberia. The country was in severe ruin due to the brutal 14 years of civil war. Life was miserable for ordinary Liberians, even for animals.

I consistently hear a small voice in my mind saying, “the people are in need – lots of needs, you can do something.” Lucky also was troubled by the level of suffering from the children and the elderly. Both of us literally teared up. We then started seeking God’s direction about how to impact the lives of the people, especially in the rural areas where the needs were greater, due to lack of accessibility to city areas where basic needs were being provided by non-governmental organizations (NGOs).    

In March 2010 & 2012 respectively, Lucky and I visited Liberia again. The country was still in complete devastation. Our hearts were still broken for the huge suffering ordinary people, including children and elderly were going through, and we were burdened with the desire to get involved in the rebuilding of lives and communities in Liberia.

Upon our return to the United States, we started helping with food, medicine, clothes, and footwear.

In 2014, while visiting Liberia again, the deadly Ebola virus struck the country and its neighboring Sierra Leone and Guinea. The Ebola epidemic made the already bad situation worse. It was during this time that God directed us to a holistic (humanitarian) mission, including building hand pump wells for safe drinking water, school, medical assistance, feeding, and planting churches.  In 2017, we established Abehinnyuen Community of Hope, Inc., both in New York and Liberia, which is legally registered as a not-for-profit corporation.


All of field officers are passionate and have compassion to impact lives. They love God and people, and they demonstrate it through actions/good deeds – humanitarian services. Each leader, as well as volunteer has the desire to impact the lives of vulnerable people and communities, most especially in developing communities and countries, where people are in dared needs. Our leaders and volunteers have backgrounds in public relations/services, human services, including financial industries and institutions, medical, fashion designs, social services, protecting lives and properties, education, mission, art, and science.  The love for God and your neighbors (people) and doing everything as unto God, are the motivational factors for our leaders and volunteers (Matthew 22:36-40 Colossians 3:23-24)

Our core values and commitment to the communities and we serve are the love, passions and compassion to share the Gospel of lo
ve to all humanities, mainly, the vulnerable.


Meet The USA Team


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Meet The Africa Team

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