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​Our Primary Mission as Abehinnyuen Community of Hope (ACOH), Inc. in the USA is to share the GOSPEL of LOVE through IMMIGRATION assistance and LINGUISTIC – Community interpreting (translation & interpretation) services, advocacy and to provide awareness in tropical and non-tropical diseases to hospitals and healthcare agencies in the US in Bassa and other Liberian Languages. We also train other nationalities to become interpreters to help facilitate community services.

We make available information, referrals to resources and to teach skills and promote cross- cultural understanding to enable the vulnerable immigrants, as well as other vulnerable people become independent, contributing members of the community and society. 

Our Primary Mission in Liberia

Is to share the GOSPEL of LOVE through providing academic and vocational ( Agriculture, Basic Nursing, Basic Journalism) education, health & wellness, sanitation, rehabilitation, advocacy and humanitarian services, that will enable vulnerable people to attain their fullest potential and become responsible, engaged citizens and leaders of their communities and societies.​

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We accept graduate, undergraduates and skillful individual(s) looking to provide services or intern in clinical or non-clinical, education, substance abuse counseling, rehabilitation & re-entry settings.

We welcome youth groups, as well as individuals seeking to volunteer at our not-for-profit charitable Corporation.

Volunteer opportunities include, but not limited to:

Mentoring vulnerable children, young adults, senior citizens/elderly folks in Liberia​

· Providing short or long term medical and dental services to vulnerable people and communities in Liberia

· Providing short or long term academic & vocational (teaching, mentoring, tutoring) services at Community of Hope Academy

· Providing in-service training for academic & vocational teachers and pastors to engage in quality education for community services;

· Engaging in public education and awareness via radio broadcasting and social media. 

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Our hope builds: whatever you do, do as unto God; as a free
human being with an independent will, think on whatever is pure, true, lovely, just, honorable, and commendable.

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